Ghost:/Obama defends those who work in the financial sector

No reports from the planned demonstration in Washington have been found by me, anyone who knows anything?/Ghost. Översätt här:

From Washington Post:

The “Occupy’”movement has spread from its New York birthplace to several other major cities, including Boston, Washington D.C. and L.A.. What protesters might not have expected was that the one percent of Americans that the protests are targeting would hit back. As Elizabeth Flock reported:

In a news conference yesterday, President Obama told the protesters of Occupy Wall Street he understood their concerns about the nation’s financial system, but also defended those who worked in the financial sector, saying their work was necessary for the economy to grow.

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Ghost:/Gallery (16 pictures) from WallSt protests/Demonstration today in Washington.

Ghost:/The protests are spreading across the US.  

FACEBOOK:!/OccupyWallSt Wall Street protesters brutalised

New York police beat, pepper spray, and arrest protesters, leading activists to wonder who the cops are protecting.


viaGhost:/A major rally planned on Wednesday/Occupy WallSt.

Ghost:/Several videos from Occupy Wall Street.

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