Ghost:/Obama aide: End of Assad regime will serve severe blow to Iran

 The toppling of Syrian President Bashar Assad’s regime would serve a serious blow to Iran and would serve to further isolate the Islamic Republic, a top U.S. official said on Tuesday, adding that change in Syria was ”inevitable.”

Turkey’s Syrian Ambit: New War in the Making

By Jeremy Salt – Ankara

Possibly for the first time in the life of the Turkish republic, a Turkish government has adopted a policy of open, unprovoked confrontation with a neighboring country. The citizens of that country, Syria, are flabbergasted.

While calling on the Syrian government to ‘end the violence’, the Turkish Prime Minister and his Foreign Minister make no mention of the violence for which the Syrian government is not responsible. Armed gangs – some apparently salafists and some apparently causing chaos for money – have been attacking soldiers, police and civilians virtually since the beginning of the protest movement. Read more:

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