Ghost:/West’s fixation on Assad eclipses bloody chaos in Egypt

RT: The bloody chaos engulfing Egypt again, just months after its first revolution toppled President Hosni Mubarak, is the focus of the world’s media spotlight. But Western leaders are turning a blind eye, instead setting their sights on pastures new.

It seems the bogeyman of the moment is another Middle Eastern country: Syria.

Around 30 people have died in Cairo’s clashes already, and it has been all over the international media.

When a crackdown of this scale took place in February, it received international condemnation. What is the difference this time? Those in power, of course.

“It is Western double standards at work, par excellence,” says British MP Jeremy Corbyn.

Storm Watch: Arab Spring

“Arab Springs” are not as spontaneous as the Western mainstream media would have us believe. Their behind-the-scenes instigators always get “a little help from their Global Power Elite mega-planning friends…”

Confirmed: Egypt forces fire live ammo on protesters

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